Center for Medicinal Chemistry is pleased to announce the below six PhD fellowships, co-funded by industry partners (1/3), The Lundbeck Foundation (1/3) and University of Copenhagen (1/3). The PhD fellowships have all been started in 2023.

1. Non-hormonal male contraceptives
Supervisors: Christian M. Pedersen, CHEM and Anders Bach, ILF

2. Ultra-bright nanoparticles with antibody conjugation for diagnosis
Supervisors: Bo W. Laursen, CHEM and Elisabeth R. Ulven, ILF

3. Role of GPCR physiological concentrations in tissues on its pharmacology
Supervisors: Karen Martinez, CHEM and Trond Ulven, ILF

4. Investigations Towards the Optimal Library Design
Supervisors: Christian A. Olsen, ILF and Morten Meldal, CHEM

5. Development of Theranostics Targeting the Neuropeptide Y1 Receptor
Supervisors: Matthias Herth, ILF and Knud J. Jensen, CHEM

6. Supramolecular guided functionalization of neuropeptides
Supervisors: Rasmus P. Clausen, ILF, and Michael Pittelkow, CHEM:

: Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, SUND, KU
CHEM: Department of Chemistry, SCIENCE, KU